Yoga and relaxation are often portrayed in modern entertainment. This includes different types of films, video games and television programmes. As yoga continues to appear on our screens, awareness of it also spreads.


There is an abundance of documentaries all about the subject of yoga. Thanks to these films, the activity can be enjoyed from the comfort of the viewer’s home. They do not even have to take a class. Most of the information can be accessed through instructional videos.

Yoga is also prevalent in fictional films. One good example is in the Kevin Smith 2016 comedy, Yoga Hosers. Lily-Rose Depp, daughter of Johnny Depp, plays the lead role as a yoga practitioner who spends most of her time learning its secrets.


Now that the practice of yoga is so widespread amongst the general public, TV shows will often portray it on-screen. It is not uncommon for characters in soap operas to be seen at yoga classes. During these sequences, they will usually talk about events in the story.

In 2017, a show called Yoga Girls was released. It focuses on the clashes between modern-day LA yogis and more traditional practitioners. This reality show is excellent at explaining the different ways that yogis can engage in relaxation techniques.

Yoga has even been seen in Star Trek. According to the show, yoga will still be enjoyed centuries in the future. In particular, the characters Troi and Beverly are avid fans of doing yoga.

Video Games

In the best selling action game GTA V, there is an entire level where the main character, Michael, learns how to perform yoga. This activity can be accessed anytime afterwards. Yoga is also undoubtedly an essential part of the overall story. It is used to help Michael relieve the many stresses in his life.