Blogging for Business

Magnify your impact online

Writing is – hands-down – the best way to attract clients to your business. And blogging is your vehicle.

The internet gives us access to so many more businesses – businesses that may look just like yours. Potential clients can compare and contrast (on their smart phones, possibly while hiding in your toilet). We need to connect with people, to inspire and provoke opinion, and to grow a tribe around our business so that we’re cultivating leads and relationships, not shouting into a crowd.

Particularly if what you do is so left-of-centre that your Nanna nods politely when you try to explain it, you need to educate your prospects, through your blog, on what you’re doing and why they need it.

Benefits of blogging for business

  • Blogging is your opportunity to educate, inform, engage, inspire and provoke strangers into action.
  • Your blog exposes what makes your business unique. Especially if you’re a one-(wo)man band, blogging helps you punch above your weight by expanding your reach.
  • Regular blogging which is strategic and focused will improve your website ranking for your relevant search terms. In fact, if you have a small website, good luck with ranking well without it.
  • Blogging is a conversation that brings you closer to what your clients really want (not what they say they want and then don’t buy).
  • Blogging helps to position you as an expert and authority in your field.
  • Blogging is fantastic public relations (when you know the game and how to play it, no faux fawning required).
  • Want to write a book, create a DVD, or launch an e-course or e-program? Blogging is your vehicle – it helps you build your platform and grow your fanbase, gives instantaneous reader feedback, enables you to create on the fly, and helps you develop the necessary discipline while demonstrating this to agents, publishers and other stakeholders.

Stand out – Be noticed

Every single word you write and release into the inter-webs is an opportunity to reach through a computer screen and make a connection. A connection that leads to a relationship, that leads to a client, that leads to a referral that leads to another client (or three).

Strike “I can’t write” and “I don’t know what to blog about” from your brain and join us for an intensive one-day course on all things blogging for business. Together, we’ll uncover the quickest and most effective brainstorming and writing techniques known to humanity.

Why do people buy?

We’ll explore why clients really use your business – and what this means for your blog. You’ll learn how to show your readers and potential clients that you see them, empathise with them, and can help them. Working in small groups and by yourself, you’ll decide on your specialty topic, and learn how to make it more intriguing than the chosen name of the yet-to-be-born royal baby.

Plenty of writing exercise, case studies and demonstrations will help you embrace your writing style and learn how to put personality into your blogging (your personality, not somebody else’s).

We’ll also:

Explore the secret to intriguing writing, and how to cultivate this when you’re feeling as inspired as cold toast. Learn how to connect the dots between your clients and your offerings and ask for the sale, without looking sleazy and fake. Identify the most overworked (and underpaid) phrases that you think you should be using and I personally promise to smack you one if I ever read these on your blog (you’ll need that smack. And, hey! You might even like it).

Kelli Howard yoga

openingI got so much more than I expected from this course! Inspiration to write, to be daring, insight into exactly who I wanted to attract to my business, and contacts to help me beyond the course. This course blew my mind and has me excited about the future of my business.closing

Kelli Howard, Kelli Howard Yoga & Massage

Mark O'Brien Qi Yoga

openingThe workshop was stimulating and challenging, galvanising me to get going. I realised that I could write quickly and easily and got over the idea that I hate writing and have no time nor attention for technology as that’s simply not true.closing Mark O’Brien, Qi Health & Yoga


openingI know blogging is a great way to increase exposure for my business and wanted some helpful tips on how/what to blog about. I got lots out of the day, including other things such as getting my business onto Twitter, and now know just how important headlines are!closing

Zhenya Gerson, Exhale Colon Hydrotherapy

Blogging for Business course


I’ll also reveal the number one fatal (and very common) mistake most business owners make with their blog posts and how to avoid it (Hint: There might be tears. Hopefully not yours.)

Google rankingAll hail to the Great God Google

Blogging is fantastic for your Google ranking – so long as you know the rules, and how to break them (with grace and gusto).

Blogging on your specialty helps you become the go-to source (champagne gifts always appreciated).

Guest blogging is like being the support act for a great band (with raving fans). We’ll explore how to approach a guest blogger so it’s easy for them to say ‘yes’ and write a blog post that improves your website ranking and your email list.

This course may NOT be for you if –

  • You’re looking to find out how to technically set up a blog
  • You want to build a giant fanbase of readers but don’t want to sell
  • You love theory but have no time for case studies or practical applications
  • You believe you can trick Google into ranking your blog really high
  • You’re looking for a business idea (your blog is the support act, your business is the headliner).

What we’ll cover

  • Identifying your audience and your specialty topic
  • How to use Google to find topics to blog on that your customers are searching for
  • Headlines and hooks to make your writing irresistible
  • Asking for the sale (while avoiding the cheesy sales pitch)
  • How to commit and make it a joy
  • Quick and dirty tips to write tighter, lighter, and with (far) more confidence
  • Case studies of popular business bloggers and how they did it
  • An insider’s look at my actual writing process, step-by-step (feel free to steal!)
  • Motivating and inspiring yourself when your chips are down (and you want to eat chips instead)
  • Building your email list through your blog
  • Optimising your blog for Google search
  • Defining your online boundaries
  • Social media scheduling
  • How to motivate yourself to keep writing (when you’d rather be sleeping)
  • This course is 40% theory, 40% practice, 10% technical (SEO and social media scheduling), 8% motivation and inspiration and 2% chocolate.

If you can discern between copy that zings and pirouettes across the page, and copy that limps and dies in dramatic fashion, spread-eagled, and you’re keen to write the former, then join us!

Mary Abraham

openingI have been following the Yoga Reach blog for a few years now and was confident Brook would run a good course. Brook’s style is to-the-point, with plenty of humour. I had a stimulating and enjoyable day and have renewed energy to improve the traffic to my site.closing

Mary Abraham, Tranquability, Yoga for over 50s


Jo Jarvis meditation

openingBrook’s course gave me surprisingly more insight, confidence, tips, and ideas than I could’ve thought possible in one day, especially as this was new to me. There was plenty discussed above and beyond blogging alone. Anyone, new or experienced in small business can learn secrets abound from Yoga Reach – get in there!closing

Johanna Jarvis, Jo Jarvis Meditation

Shakti Burke

openingI just saved myself about five years of fluffing around on the web by attending Brook’s two-day intensive marketing & blogging workshop. Hallelujah! Already I feel more confident online and am opening to possibilities I hadn’t imagined. Excited, a little overwhelmed, and will be taking it one day at a time. Thanks Brook.closing

Shakti Burke, Joyful Mind

About the presenter, Brook McCarthy

Brook McCarthyI’m Brook McCarthy. I’m the director of Yoga Reach and I’ve worked in small business my entire career. Since early 2005, I’ve been blogging and writing articles on behalf of clients, from large multinationals to tiny one-(wo)man bands, and promoting these through email marketing, social media, and search engine optimisation. My specialty is health and wellbeing, but I used to be the editor of the Australian Builders’ Association magazine, and know far more about whitegoods than I care to admit.

I started Yoga Reach in early 2008 to bring creative communications and online marketing to the natural health and wellbeing sector and, since early 2012, I’ve travelled around Australia presenting on all things social media and online marketing. Throughout these one-day intensives, I give writing exercises for participants to work through alone, and in small groups. It was out of these that this course was born.

Blogging is the singular most effective way to differentiate your business, grow your email database, attract leads into your business and convert these into new clients. It’s also fantastic for keeping existing clients enthused, motivated and referring others to you.

This course is sold through – Register your interest.


Lisa CokeropeningThe course was fantastic – very informative. I left with heaps of ideas, so much so that I’m desperate to make a start on what I learned and get some more blogs going! A few weeks after the course, I got published on a big pregnancy blog, thanks to your encouragement.closing

Lisa Coker, your yoga






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