New here?

First visit to Yoga Reach? Are you thinking about starting a business, or just getting going? Exciting stuff. Yes, and a little scary. Or, perhaps you want to get a handle on ‘this online thing’. This way please.

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Business coaching

You’re a teacher, healer, therapist, health or life coach. You need your work to be of service, in a way that is deeply useful and meaningful, as well as profitable. Ethical business is part of your character.

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Compelling Communications

The world needs your great work. Your greatest work. Our society is stressed, sick and suffering. We need yoga and Pilates teachers, natural therapists, health coaches and counselors, masseuses and healers to empower us back towards wholeness.

Your work is vital to our wellbeing. But not if you're the town's best kept secret. Yoga Reach helps you find your voice, identify your audience, connect, convert and compel them to action. We enable and empower you to magnify your impact. Because when you thrive in business, more lives benefit.

Online Marketing

Doing business online is the new way of doing business. Learn how to harness the power of online marketing to reach many more people from across the globe. Your people.

If you worry that self-promotion is not you, or wonder if the world needs another voice jangling in cyberspace, then take heart. It's our not-so-secret hope that, with the help of our online courses, face-to-face intensives and one-to-one coaching, you'll find online marketing to be not only effective but possibly, even, fun.